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Most Distant Ancestor Project


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A Coat Of Arms

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Most Distant Ancestor Project

Finding Our Walker Ancestors

The Most Distant Ancestor Project is the name giving to tools and efforts to find our most distant ancestor and country or origin.

Finding others who share our family heritage is part of the search for our family history. If someone has found their ancestors back many generations and they are willing to share their success, how do you find them? The person with the success I mean.

  • You have your DNA done and make public your pedigree
  • You add your query to major genealogy sites
  • You find a listing of family charts or trees and hopefully find the owner
  • You create a site and invite others who share your interest to contact you
  • You enter your query in a genealogy magazine or newsletter

We will expand more on the first approach. You have your DNA done and make public your pedigree. We encourage every male Walker to have there DNA tested. It makes it easier to search and have people find you when you have a DNA tested Walker Family Haplo Group with verified and documented ancestor pedigree. We will focus any discussion of DNA on the Walker Surname DNA Project of the Walker Surname DNA Project FamilyTreeDNA organization. There are other DNA testing groups, however, FamilyTreeDNA has a strong Walker Group with over 500 Walker surname tested members and over 55 Haplo groups.

Linking Walker Family Groups

The Walker Surname Group has a listing of Haplo groups (matching DNA based on markers) with pedigree listings. For those without DNA results (and you should) you can only review the pedigree to try to find others interested in your ancestors.

Here at the Walker Around The World site we want to provide a way for DNA tested and non-tested Walker surname individuals to share your pedigree (Listing of your ancestors back to your most distant ancestor). Than you can match with others on the site and make contact for further sharing. We are calling this the Most Distant Ancestor Project. The objectives are:

  • Provide tools and resources to link Walker Family Groups who are part of the same Lineage (Descendents of your most distant ancestor
  • Provide non-DNA tested Walkers a way to link up with DNA tested Walkers
  • Provide any Walker surname individual access to people who have verified their family history
  • Build a database of our Walker surname ancestors and their individual history

This may seem to be a daunting objective but we have to start somewhere. Your help is needed to enter your pedigree with individual history.

Registration and Login

Why login? We want you to manage your own information and have control. You will register and login to an area for your pedigree, ancestor individual history and family group weblink. You do not need a login ID to search the Ancestor pedigree database. If you enter your ancestors we will provide tools to match your profile with others who you may be able to contact.

To prepare for registration gather the following information:

  • Basic individual details for your ancestors back to your most distant ancestor.
  • Have each ancestors firstname, middle name or initial, birth and death year. If married, spouse full maiden name, birth, death, marriage date (up to 50 characters)
  • The required information is first name and birth year
  • If your family has a website, have the URL (web address) ready. To eliminate duplicate weblinks if someone else in your family manages a website or genealogy page on a service provide contact them to enter their pedigree. They can enter the family website in their own profile.

Setup and Entering

  • Access Manage Family Group and establish your ID, Password, and history profile.
  • Enter email as your login id - this will not receive promotions or be sold. You will have the option of making your e-Mail public. For now if you make your email public it is up to the search to contact you. You chose to reply. We plan a feature to make your email private and we will send you an email from the interested searcher.
  • Password - enter something you can remember
  • Profile name - this is so when you sign in, you can identify which profile if you have more than one
  • Ancestor details - for each ancestor in your pedigree - enter details. First name and birth year are required - NA can be entered for first name if you have to. Birth year is require. If you do not know, do a best guess. Spouse field can be other information, but to match with other researchers spouse would be best. Also enter middle name and death year if known.
  • No last name is entered because every ancestor is a Walker surname. Your surname does not need to be Walker. If you have an ancestor with a walker surname, enter the pedigree from your first Walker ancestor back to the most distant Walker Ancestor
  • Family Group Name Website address - this is your opportunity to promote your family site. This can only be a Walker site. If this is a service provider website enter all of the link. Regularly access your site to be sure the link has not changed. Do not enter sites for related surnames unless the Walker surname is prominently shown on the site. If the website changes come back and update the link. If you can no longer be the contact for the pedigree or family Group website, pass it on too someone else in your family.
  • Go login or register for first time.

Anyone Can Search For Ancestors

Anyone can access the search tools to find their ancestors using the pedigrees others have entered.

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